About Us

Our office opened in April of 1999 and since then we have evaluated, educated and helped treat over 5,000 patients. We believe in practicing quality medicine and delivering therapy with the highest scientific standards in a caring and compassionate environment. You will have our undivided attention for the time needed to have all your questions answered. We believe there is always something we can offer our patients, whether it is counseling, education, helping improve their quality of life, prolong their life, or cure their  disease. We believe our achievements are the product of a joint effort between the patient and the doctor and strongly believe the best results come from those patients who actively participate in tailoring and choosing their treatment. We practice clinical research usually when well established practices have been exhausted and as an extension of the care  to our patients. 

We know an educated patient will fair better and we do everything we can to keep you thoroughly informed at all times.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe our mission is to scientifically educate our patients and their families to help them understand their disease and its management; to support them through the course of their illness; and to care for them physically, psychologically and spiritually - standing as their advocate at all times.

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